Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dogs Beat Rebs

Pretty much like I thought the game would end up. The Rebels lost by ten. Clay Sanders took way to many shots. Even though he scored in the double digits he took an enormous amount of shots. The Rebels did not get the production they needed from the inside game. I do not know if Parnell has scored in three games. I like Greg Hardy's hussle, but not sure if he is a basketball player. He plays the hardest on the team, but can not quite find the basket. The Rebs are going to loose alot of games like that this year, so get ready for it. Every now and then they are going to shock someone big, as I have already stated in a post this year.

Give some credit to the Dogs, when the game was close, they found a way to pull away and win. This is something the Rebels have not been able to do in three straight games.

It is the SEC and things do not get any easier as the Razorbacks from Arkansas come to town this weekend. I don't expect it to be near the atmosphere that we had against Kentucky, as a matter of fact it would surprise me if half of those in attendance at the Kentucky game show up for the game Saturday.

My favorite Kennedy quote thus far:

"You're not going to beat Mississippi State or the Mississippi School for the Blind when you are 9-of-39 from your two (main) guys"