Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Alcohol Task Force Makes Recomendations

The Ole Miss ATF has sent their recommendations to the Chancellor on how the campus should manage their alcohol policy. As you can read in the report by the Clarion Ledger below, I believe these are good recommendations. I think they wisely chose to fight the battles they can fight.

A newly adopted “two strikes” policy would become permanent at the University of Mississippi under recommendations made this afternoon by an expert committee on alcohol abuse.
The Alcohol Task Force committee, formed in October after several high-profile alcohol-related incidents at the university, presented its final report to Chancellor Robert Khayat today.Among the recommendations:- Make permanent the two strikes policy, which says students who are caught violating alcohol policies twice can be suspended;- Require all freshmen to undergo alcohol education;- Clearly indicate on student ID cards who is and is not at least 21;- Issue harsh punishments to non-students who violate on-campus alcohol policies, such as revoking season tickets to sporting events or banning them from campus;- And lift the campuswide ban on alcohol, a recommendation that split the committee nearly down the middle.Khayat said he would have to discuss the report with the university’s Executive Management Council before deciding which initiatives to pursue.He gave no immediate indication of when that might be.(Clarion Ledger)