Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Played Hard

The Rebels played hard again tonight but came up short on the road at LSU losing 62-55 .The Rebels trailed for most of the game, but LSU only took a double digit lead a couple of times. The lead was never out of reach and was one or two possessions away for the overwhelming majority of the game. The Rebels were led by the 12 points of Clarence Sanders in his 1000 shots, most of these came in the second half. The story of the game is the Rebels leading scorer only contributing 8 points. This is the second or third game in a row that Bam has not contributed his share. Ole Miss was able to play with Glen "Big Baby" Davis as he was held to 11 points in the game.

The Rebels who fall to 12-6 and 1-3 in SEC only shot two free throws the entire game, which is unbelievable. Listening on the radio it seemed to be a scrappy game that was well fought on both ends. As Kennedy put it on the post game, "I don't think the National Basketball Hall of Fame is going to ask us to Fed Ex this game into them for their archives."

As has been the past 5 games, the game has come down to the second half in trying moments. Only once have the Rebels capitalized on their chance to win a game in the past five. In the SEC on the road when the other team is going to give you a chance to win the game you have to capitalize on that. Kennedy recognizes this and recognizes their is some problems with his team as he commented on the radio, "I'm not so sure their our some guys on our team that want to play, and I'm gonna remedy that." Let's just say I am glad that I will not be at practice tomorrow.

The road does not get any easier as the Rebels travel to the O'Connel Center to take on Florida, the defending national champions. We all know how that will end, but hopefully the Rebels will give them a run for their money.

By the way as I type this Bruce Pearl is a nutcase. His team is on the road at Auburn trailing by three or four with a minute left and he got a technical. I agree with Bruce that it was bad call, but he has to learn how to control himself when the game is that close. I like a technical foul on a coach more than anyone in America, but you have to learn when to and when not to get them. With a minute left in the game is not the time.