Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More Coaching Saga

The coaching carousel at Ole Miss is not over. It was reported today that David Saunders will no longer be the linebackers coach at Ole Miss. Saunders came to Ole Miss just last year from serving as the head coach at Milsaps. This was Saunders second stint at Ole Miss.

The interesting thing in this story is that Saunders and Orgeron were reported to be good friends, and had been for a long long time. There is more to this story than we will ever know in my opinion. I hate to see this happen to Saunders. By everything I have read and heard he has made some good impressions with high school coaches and recruits. I hope he will land on his feet somewhere soon again.

I had reported yesterday there would be some more changes in the staff, but I do not think this is the end of it. To be quite honest I am very surprised all these coaching changes are happening at this time of the year.