Thursday, December 18, 2008

Road Trip From Hell

1) 1: 15 am Your head coach and one of his assistants gets arrested for allegedly assaulting a muslim cabbie. As the day progresses, it appears the coaches(while under the influence of alcohol) were not as guilty as first reported. After hearing the coaches story about the incident they are cleared by university officials to coach and the university believes everyone will be ok.

2) 8:00 pm Tip off against the No. 9 team in the country, things start ok, but quickly turn downhill. As the game progresses, you work your way back into and actually make it a very interesting second half even taking the lead a couple of times, but in the end experience and depth prevail and you lose by nine points to a top 10 team.

3) 10:10 pm you find out your best player tears his ACL(Yes Chris Warren is more than likely done for the season). This is the third of your top 4 players to go down for the season in the first two months of play. And now the only point guard you have is a freshman from Idaho.

This has to be the worst road trip in the history of SEC basketball.