Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Its Been A While

Well its been a while since a new post has been made, and it might be a while before another as we figure out the future of the blog. However, I would like to make a few comments on the weekend.

  • The Rebels performed well. While there were a few areas that showed need for improvement, overall I was very satisfied with this first game. The offense showed signs of promise and was very exciting to watch. I love the Wild Rebel and I love our new running backs. This is going to be a fun season to watch the offense. The defense has some gaps and we need our starters back. They did hold Memphis for much of the game, but the big men are needed back on the line. All in all great game and glad to have excitement in Oxford back. The upcoming game against Wake Forest will be extremely tough. Wake is a good team and going on the road is never easy, especially while having to dodge a hurricane. It is going to be tough for the Rebels to pull this one off. As far as the season goes I see the Rebels going 6-6 or 7-5 and if they can do this it will be a major accomplishment for the Nutt. In order to do this he absolutely must start the season 3-1.

  • The atmosphere at the game was great. The athletic department made a great move in moving all games to night games. The stadium has so much more energy and overall it makes it just a great day. A new video board addition to the stadium was outstanding. I will admit I did not think they could pull it off by the first game, but the production staff did a very good job. Some might disagree with me on this statement, but in my opinion the Elvis concert shown at the end of the game was outstanding. Whoever had this idea should be given a raise. I thought it was awesome.

  • Finally, Oxford has changed for the better. Two new additions to the Oxford square added great entertainment for the weekend. Rooster Blues House on the Ajax side of the Square is a welcomed addition. The two story restaurant and blues hall filled a gap that was needed. It is a large venue with live blues every night. It really is a neat place. And finally the remodeling of The Lyric into a music hall/bar is a huge addition to the Square. This place is awesome and remarkably large. The talent they have lined up to perform brings great bands to Oxford over the coming months, and have already brought national acts in the short time they have been opened. I encourage everyone to stop by next time in Oxford.