Monday, August 11, 2008

Not a Great Start to the Nutt Era

I'm not sure I have ever seen this many injuries a week into practice of which only one day was in full pads. What causes this? Is it just a bunch of freak incidents? Were they not training well? Bad Luck? What? This just seems to be more injuries than I have ever seen in a week of practice:

LB Allen Walker: Knee injury
WR Melvin Harris Broken Foot
LB Lamar Brumfield kidney bruise,
DT Ted Laurent: Knee Surgery
FS Johnny Brown: Hamstring
WR Mike Wallace: Hamstring
DT LaMark Armour: Knee injury
DE Greg Hardy stress fracture in foot
DT Peria Jerry: Knee injury
LB Don Hargroder: Concussion
FS Kendrick Lewis: Ankle injury
LG Reid Neely from Achilles tendon strain.