Saturday, February 23, 2008

Setting The Record Straight

I have been meaning to post this for several weeks, but I just wanted everyone to know that does not already that I HATE MEMPHIS STATE. I am still ticked off over the UAB game last week and how it ended. Yes UAB gave it away to them, but the refs did not help either. And to top it off when the game was over a Memphis State player slapped a UAB student in the face on his way off the court.

These guys and their sleeze of a coach, are nothing but a bunch of criminals. They have no class and neither do many of the people associated with this program. Even tonight, after they were warned about the UAB incident, they were taunting the UT team as they were coming out of the tunnel. Thuggery comes to mind.

CDR ticks me off too.

Am I the only one that despises Memphis State basketball??