Monday, February 18, 2008

Point of Clarification

I would like to make a point of clarification about my comments below. Yes I am very down on this team right now, and I am very dissapointed about the way they have played and the effort they have given. I am also very down on this staff right now, for not being able to get the intensity out of the players that need be.

However, I still think that Andy Kennedy is a good coach and will do and has done great things for the Ole Miss basketball program. While he has made mistakes, this IS only his third year as a head coach. He has made some mistakes that any young coach would make and will learn from that over time. I feel like he would look back and this season and scratch his head for the rest of his life. I doubt he will ever have a team with the start the Rebels had this year, finish the way they have.

Will I watch the Rebels for the rest of the season? Yes. Will I be as excited? No.

But I have faith in Kennedy at this point and the game and I have 100% confidence in him and his goals for this basketball program. Before all these fools want to go off and fire him, let's wait another two-three years to make that judgement.