Saturday, February 16, 2008

What A Joke

What a joke this team has become. I am sick and tired of watching this no effort ball club. There seems to be no effort from the coaches to the players. Players are walking onto the court when the game is getting clutch down the stretch, players are turning it over coming out of timeouts at key points in the game, players can not finish baskets, players CAN NOT play defense. At this point in the season, this team is pathetic.

How you lose to a terrible Auburn team at home is beyond me? I mean we had to know coming into the game, that Auburn was going to go small and run a zone on us just like they did at Auburn. It was obvious they would copy the defense, as it shut the Rebels down, and they did the exact same thing today. Why did not have an adjustment plan in place is beyond me.

When Trevor Gaskins and David Huertas lead you in points, you know it is a bad day for the Rebels. I understand that Chris Warren is a freshman and he was bound to slow down at some point, but he has been slow the past 3 or 4 games and only had two points this afternoon.

All in all it is obvious my feelings. I have alll but given up on this team. Call me a bad fan for not going to the game if you want to, but why should I put my money and effort into going to a game, when the team is not going to give effort when I get there.

It only gets uglier as the Dog$ come to town on Wednesday.