Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Signing Day

Well unless you have been living under a bus lately, you know that national signing day is tomorrow. It is something that grown men live and worship by for several months each year. It goes without saying that the Ole Miss faithful will build itself up to having a great recruiting class around the first few weeks of January and by the time the first week in February rolls around the class has fallen apart. It does not seem like it will be as drastic this year, as the Rebels have pretty much wrapped up their recruiting class going into the final day.

I predict the class will be ranked around 28-30 when all is said and done, which is fine by me. This is pretty standard with Houston Nutt signing classes. There are the few crazy fans out there that live and die by recruiting who will say this is not a good class, however I will wait and judge on the class at a later date. After all Patick Willis was a nobody coming out of high school.

I am interested in the opinions of those that follow recruiting closely on their ideas of the class, as well as the loyal Bulldog$, as I have no idea what their class is like.