Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Details

Below are some details of Nutt's contract in addition to the $7.4 million he will be making. I picked these up from various internet reports:

Monetary Incentives

Coach of the year in the SEC $25,000

Coach of the year nationally $25,000

Non-BCS bowl game $30,000.

BCS bowl game $60,000, if win an additional $30,000

BCS national championship participation: $120,000 additional $120,000 for win

SEC West championship $30,000

SEC championship game $60,000, additional $30,000 for win

Additional Throw Ins

Membership to Country Club (They must not have showed him the Oxford Country Club, not much there. Doubt his girls will like it)

Two automobiles

Football season tickets and use of Skybox

Season basketball tickets(Who would have ever thought someone would be requesting these)

Moving expenses