Sunday, November 25, 2007

So Who Is Out There??

One thing that will become obvious over the next couple of days, is every wacko on the internet will come out with their "source" or their "guy" who will predict who the new coach is. There will be numerous rumors of this guy or that guy has been offered. You will hear everything from Tommy Tubberville is coming back to we have offered the job to Joey Hawkins. It is amazing the amount of rumors that come out with a coaching search, it ranks right up there with recruiting as far as rumors go.

With that being said, who is out there that Ole Miss has a shot at?

First of all UMAA will be consulting with the search firm of Neinas Sports Services Chuck Neinas is well known in the coaching and athletic department circles for connecting the two. He had a part in the current head coaching jobs at Georgia, Florida, as well as many others.

Now time for the rumors and facts. Ther are multiple names out there. Several have already contacted the University with interest in our job and others will be contacted by the search firm in the coming days. Don't expect an official list from the university for a couple of days. Here is a list of guys that I think are probably on the atheltic directors desk. Obviously there are some coaches not on the list and some that need to be taken off.

Rick Neuheisal - Offensive Coordinator, Baltimore Ravens. Former head coach at Univeristy of Washington

Houston Nutt - Current Head Coach, Arkansas. Rumors have Nutt being forced out soon.

Will Muschamp - Defensive Coordinarot, Auburn. Former D coordinator at LSU and Miami Dolphins

Mike Leach - Current Head Coach, Texas Tech. Runs an incredibly high scoring offense

Jimbo Fisher - Offensive Coordinator, Florida State. Former OC at LSU under Nick Saban

Brian Kelly - Current Head Coach Cincinnati

Terry Bowden - Currently not coaching, has been rumored to be lobbying for a head coaching chance for anyone that would listen

Obviously this list could go on and on for days. Some will disagree, but based on statements I have heard, I think the Rebels are willing to pay top dollar for a head coach. I think the powers that be are going to pay alot for a coach that has head coaching experience. How long this will take is unknown, but look for the new coach to be in place in the next 10-12 days in order to minimize the effects on recruiting.