Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Staff

So the main question now is who will be joining Nutt on staff at Ole Miss. My answer....I have no clue. I have done alot of research yet on the current staff Nutt had at Arkansas. My gut feeling is that Houston will probably bring all of the guys however a couple will not want to come. I guess there will probably be about 2 spots open on the staff when he comes to Ole Miss.

Look for Nutt to keep Hugh Freeze on staff in some fashion. I would also think the administration will push for John Thompson to be on the defensive side of the ball somewhere. Nutt and Thompson were together for one year at Arkansas several years ago. Since Thompson does have 2 years left on a hefty contract, if he is not on staff or goes somewhere else to coach, I imagine he will hang around on the administrative side of things for UMAA.

The main problem I see right now is that the current Arkansas staff will probably stay and coach in the bowl game for the Razorbacks. With that being said, that could stretch whatever staff Nutt has in Oxford beginning next week a little thin.

I am interested to see his comments tomorrow regarding the assistant coaches, and hope we will get some type of answer/plan for the next 20-30 days as far as the assistants go.