Monday, October 22, 2007

Some Monday PC Notes

Below is Coach O comments from the press conference via the Clarion Ledger. After the way the last 10 or so quarters have gone, I am not sure I would have come flat out and said Adams would be the starter. I would at least wait until Friday or Saturday to name the starter. This way it gives Auburn a little speculation as to who will start, and also I would imagine it would cause more competition in practice with the QB's. Any one else agree?

But what do I know, I am just an arm chair quarterback.

OXFORD — Ole Miss quarterback Seth Adams remains the starter, but coach Ed Orgeron said his patience was wearing thin.
"Obviously, we're not happy with the turnovers," Orgeron said. "... Seth is going to continue to be our starting quarterback, but there's going to be less room for error. If he shows he can't do it, we'll definitely put Brent (Schaeffer) in there."Adams was 9-of-21 passing for 79 yards, no touchdowns and four interceptions in Saturday's 44-8 loss to Arkansas. Schaeffer relieved Adams late in the third quarter and was 5-of-13 passing for 103 yards and a late touchdown pass to receiver Mike Wallace.Adams has thrown 10 interceptions over the past three games."You have to throw the football and you have to throw it down the field," Adams said. "... I don't want to play scared and be scared to throw an interception. I don't think that's a good mentality to have.