Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rebs Lose Another Close One

I don't have much to say about this game. We all know the outcome and it was not pretty for the Rebels nor the fans. I will make more comments about the game in general and my thoughts another day. However these things I know are true:

  • This Rebel team plays better when they are losing than when they are ahead and trying to keep a lead.
  • The Ole Miss defense was part of the problem yet again yesterday. They were on the field alot in the first half, but I felt they made some great adjustments at half time and played better.
  • Greg Hardy is a beast.
  • The Ole Miss receivers are the most improved unit on the field.
  • Special teams for the most part is a joke. Coverage is absolutely terrible. The one bright spot on special teams is the punt block.
  • The SEC referees were bad on Saturday. They made a bad call and should pay for it. There is no way there was enough evidence to overturn the call. Maybe they were right on the field maybe they were wrong. The one thing I do know is a ruling on the field can not be reversed unless there is enough evidence to do so. And there is no way in the world there was enough to overturn.

The Hogs are on the schedule this week, and yet another lunch time era game. I think the outcome for the Bama game this week drained too much out of our team, and it will take alot for O and company to get them focused this week.