Sunday, October 21, 2007

For Pete's Sake........

Will this team ever win an SEC game? It does not look like it. The Ole Miss Rebels were dominated by the Razorbacks from Arkansas this weekend, as they were defeated 44-8. The Rebels opened up the game with a decent offensive, however they came away with no points and it was all downhill from there as the Hogs led 21-0 after the first quarter.

The offense was miserable as Seth Adams finished the game with four interceptions in a pathetic game for him. It was the type performance we all feared he was going to have coming into the season. Adams was pulled for Brent Schaeffer who connected with Mike Wallace for the Rebels only touchdown in the fourth quarter. Ben Jarvus Green Ellis had a good game as he ended with 84 yards on the day.

The defense was once again miserable. They still are not sure how to tackle and their was plenty of blown coverage also. Greg Hardy, who has played excellent in previous games for the Rebs, did not have they great of an impact against the Razorbacks. Tony Fein appeared to have a good game for the Rebels. It was by far his biggest game in making an impact for the Rebel defense, but it was no where near enough.

All in all this was the most miserable game I can remember going to in Oxford that the Rebels have played in my lifetime. They were absolutely dominated the whole game and the offense was non-existent.

To top things off our wonderful university thought it would be a great idea to shoot fireworks during the half time kickoff of the new capital campaign. When the fireworks went off they knocked the power out on the scoreboard, sound system, ribbon boards, and Rebel Club and it stayed this way for all of the third quarter. I mean what a joke that we were shooting off fireworks in the day and in the mean time knock out the power to half of the stadium. It supposedly also caused a couple of small fires around the area where the fireworks were shot off. What a joke we are.

What is left for the Rebels this season? Who knows. It will be interesting to see if O decides to go with Adams or Schaeffer this week. Adams has thrown ten interceptions in the last eleven quarters. The fan based as expected was pretty upset at the lack of competition on the Ole Miss side of the ball. I can only imagine what the crowd will be like for the Northwestern State game in two weeks.

And I will leave you with stats that do not lie. We are the DOORMAT OF THE SEC.

12th: Scoring Offense
11th: Scoring Defense
12th: Punting
12th: Turnover Margin
12th: Rushing Offense
12th: Rushing Defense
12th: Total Defense
12th: Punt Ret Average
11th: Pass Defense Efficiency
12th: Opponent First Downs
12th: Red Zone Offense
12th: Opponent 3rd Conversion
11th: Sacks ag. Ole Miss
12th: Field Goals
11th: PAT
12th: Time of Possession
12th: Kick off Coverage