Saturday, July 07, 2007

Bianco Names New Assistant Coach

I forgot to report this the other day. I can't say I am too thrilled about this decision. Some say Bianco has confidence problems and only surrounds himself with "yes" men. This is the second time in two years we have promoted an assistant coach that came to the program with no experience to one of the top assistants. Lafferty is very young and will basically have no control over the pitchers. As with year's past Bianco will continue to call the pitches and control the pitchers in my opinion. Boy what I would give to have Dan McDonnell back.

OXFORD, Miss. – Carl Lafferty, a volunteer assistant coach with the Ole Miss baseball program, has been recommended for promotion to a full-time assistant position, head coach Mike Bianco announced on Friday. The promotion is pending the approval of the Board of Trustees, State Institutions of Higher Learning.

Lafferty, who takes the position following the departure of assistant coach Kyle Bunn, will assume all duties held previously by Bunn and will continue to work with the catchers while assisting Bianco with the pitchers and assistant coach Rob Reinstetle with recruiting responsibilities.

Bunn left Ole Miss to join Clemson University’s staff after serving five years as a volunteer assistant with the Rebels and had just completed his first season as a full-time assistant coach in 2007.

“I am very excited to announce the promotion of Carl to a full-time position with our staff,” said Bianco. “Carl has been a great addition to the staff since he returned as an administrative assistant two seasons ago. It is always exciting for a program to get an alum and former player back in uniform and on the field as a part of the coaching staff, and this is move is something he has earned and deserves.”