Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Good Article on Chadwick and Company

A long time reader of Worldclassglass passed this article along to the staff here today. In my opinion it is a great article about the Ole Miss tennis team and its success over the past decade or so. While some people have criticized Chadwick for his recruitment of foreign players, I don't blame him. There are no tennis players in the state that could rival the tennis players of major college tennis programs around the country.

He also makes valid points in the article about the lack of good players in the United States. These foreign players bring great tennis to our state and provide quality entertainment for those that are tennis fans and even to those that are not. If you have never been to see an Ole Miss tennis match you are missing out. As obvious with their record, they put a great product on the court and dominate their opponents. Hopefully they can continue their success over the next few weeks and make a run in the NCAA's.

Click on the link below from the Commercial Appeal to view the story.( You will need to copy and paste to read article)