Monday, April 30, 2007

As Predicted

As predicted former Ole Miss linebacker Patrick Willis was picked up early in the first round by the San Francisco 49er's. His was the first linebacker drafted and was picked 11th overall. This is great news for Willis, who had it tough growing up in Tennessee. The 49er's are picking up a great football player. Some project he could be one of the best linebackers in the league in the next few years. I think it will be interesting to see how Willis makes the adjustment in the near future.

Something I did not see coming was the drafting of Trumaine McBride. McBride was picked up in the 7th round by the Chicago Bears. This flew right over my head. I guess I did not realize that McBride was on the radar screen to be drafted by some teams. But congrats to McBride.

Other NFL news is that Rory Johnson(Rufus French) signed as a free agent with the Green Bay Packers. Johnson left the Rebels after one year of playing linebacker and not going to class. This guy has been said by some to have put up a 0.0 GPA after last semester. It is also being reported that Johnson failed two drug tests and that is the reason he went undrafted. What an idiot. This obviously did not go as planned for Johnson. But to be honest it does not surprise me.

Only other free agents I have seen is that Andrew Wicker has signed with the Jets and Lawrence Lilly has been picked up by the Browns.