Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Here Again

The infamous Worldclassglass Tourney Pick'em is back. No there will not be thousands of dollars in prizes or Pontiac Grand Prix's given away, but you will have the opportunity to be crowned champion on the Worldclassglass blog. The Pick'em is open to everyday readers of the blog like Trey C., Sam H., and Sparky and those that come around every now and then like posters Studdard, Drew, or Matt. It is open to all who wish to play.

It is easy to sign up and only takes a few seconds to register. This year's tourney will be hosted on ESPN. There are no real rules to this event, but I only ask that you keep it to one submission per person. I hate it when somebody submits 5 different brackets with different winners.

Here is the link to register, you have until the first game on March 15th before it locks you out. I hope a few of yall will participate:

Join the private group

ID: worldclassglass
Password: mississippi