Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rebels Continue the Basketball Season

Ole Miss received an invitation to the NIT tonight as a number four seed. The Rebels will take on Appalachian State on Wenesday. App State will be a five seed and has a 25-7 record on the season. This will not be an easy game for the Rebels as App State is a pretty good team. More on them in the next couple of days.

On a side note MSU somehow received a #1 seed in the tournament. How this happened I have no idea. Currently MSU has a #65 RPI. Higher than the following teams who also received invitations to the NIT but received higher seeds than MSU: Bradley, Michigan, Utah St, Florida St, West Virginia, UMASS, Alabama, Drexel, OK State, Georgia, Kansas St, Ole Miss, Appalachian State, Missouri St,Syracuse.

No I do not believe Ole Miss deserves a #1 seed, I think they deserved a seed about where they are. But I in no way think that MSU should have received a #1 seed and play the Valley. They have the least amount of wins as anybody in the NIT field.

Someone explain this to me.