Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tourney Time

It is SEC Tournament time once again and I think that this year's tournament could be one of the best. There are several teams in this year's tournament that need to win 2-3 games to get into the NCAA tournament and they are going to be fighting like cats and dogs to get those wins. You have alot of parity in the SEC this year and it will come into play in this weekend. In the view of most there is Florida and then everyone else. I think everyone in this tournament is beatable Florida or not.

If you have never been to an SEC Basketball Tournament you are missing out. By my count I have been to 8 SEC Tournaments. Twice seeing the Rebels play in the Tournament finals. I have seen the Rebels play in Orlando, New Orleans(2), Memphis, Atlanta(2), Nashville. Sometimes the Rebels were one and done and other times they made it to the finals. I saw the Rebels and Gerald Glass lose in 1990 to Alabama in Orlando and the 2001 loss to Kentucky in the finals in Nashville. Overall the Rebels have not fared well in the tournament as they have an overall 22-43 record in the 43 tournament history. With the lone title coming in 1981 at the famous tournament in Birmingham.

The Tournament is a great venue for fans of the SEC. You are able to interact with fans from all the schools. The one thing you should never wish upon yourself is having to play Kentucky. Kentucky fans travel to the SEC Tournament like the world is coming to an end. As a matter of fact they refer to Atlanta as CATLANTA this time of year. It is a sight in and of itself to see all the Kentucky fans and their outfits.

This tournament is going to be a tough one for the Rebels no matter how who look at it. The first round matchup will either be against LSU or Tennessee, both teams the Rebels have beaten. However, the Rebels beat LSU at the buzzer and defeated UT without the services of Chris Lofton. If they were somehow able to get passed either of those teams they would more than likely have to take on one of the nations best teams in Florida. A tough road is ahead.

Who will win this tournament I do not know. However I do not see it being Florida. I think there are more teams in this tournament who have something to prove and are going to play harder than Florida. But you never know with Donnovan and his team. The one thing I do know is that for the next couple of days I will be glued to the tv to see how this great event plays out.