Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another "Misunderstanding" in Starkville

So Rick, what you are trying to tell me is that the police are wrong and you are right? That the police were wrong on the suspended license and controlled substance posession it was a misunderstanding on their end. So Rick, what you are also trying to tell me is that the Zanax was not Dedrick's. That it was someone else's? Oh ok Rick I am supposed to believe that. If it is such a misunderstanding,WHY DID SLATER HAVE TO POST $1,040 BAIL? Last time I checked if it is a misunderstanding then the police usually let you go on your own recognance. Maybe someone around here with a law degree or in law school can clear this one up for me.

Oh, by the way Slater will be playing on Saturday. So basically at you can be cuffed, booked and jailed on Wednesday and suit up to play on Saturday. Thata boy Rick.

STARKVILLE — Mississippi State basketball coach Rick Stansbury said this afternoon that Dietric Slater will play in Saturday’s NIT second-round game against Bradley, and that news of his Wednesday arrest was overblown.

Slater, a starting forward for the Bulldogs, was arrested around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday by Starkville police and charged with misdemeanor counts of possession of a controlled substance, driving on a suspended driver’s license and not wearing a seat belt, police chief David Lindley said.

Stansbury said he knew all of the details of Slater’s arrest when he made a statement this morning downplaying the incident.

“All it was is he got pulled over with a suspended driver’s license that really wasn’t suspended,” Stansbury said this morning. “They had taken care of it. He was immediately released after they found out all the truth to the situation.”

Stansbury said the license suspension was the result of Slater’s record not reflecting a traffic fine he had recently paid. He also said the one pill of Xanex found by police belonged to the woman who owns the SUV Slater was driving, a 2007 Chevrolet TrailBlazer. Stansbury said he did not know the woman’s name. Xanax is a prescription drug used to treat anxiety.

“At the end of the day, (the seat belt violation ticket is) all he’s got,” Stansbury said.

A message left for Lindley was not immediately returned this afternoon.

MSU dean of students Michael White said he didn’t know the details of Slater’s case, but speaking generally, said that “a seat belt violation and a suspended driver’s license would probably not affect his status as a student at Mississippi State.”

White said the controlled substance charge “would be investigated and looked at pretty closely.”

Slater posted $1,040.50 bond at the Starkville police station and was released, Lindley said earlier.