Thursday, February 08, 2007

White Out

Once again our wonderful marketing department is following trends about 5-7 years to late. I mean come on, let's be original for once in our history. I mean State, Bama, Michigan State, you name it do this all the time. Do we have to follow suit? I don't care if Fox is giving the shirts away or not, we do not have to wear them.

Granted, I may participate in the white out, but only because I dont want it to look awful on tv, which if probably will anyway, because only half of those in attendance will be wearing the shirts.

Good news is Josh and Jacob Whelan will not have to wear a white shirt, because they are the most pale people on earth and will fit right in with the white out crowd.

Tad Smith Coliseum will be whited out Saturday, as the Ole Miss crowd will be dressed in white for the Rebels' home encounter with nationally-ranked Alabama. Game time is set for 4 p.m. CT.
FSN South, who is televising the game, is providing 4,000 white t-shirts that will placed in each of the lower bowl seats of the arena. Those seated in other sections are encouraged to wear white in support of the home Rebels. All fans are asked to refrain from taking shirts off seats other than their own.