Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rebs Win a Key One

I stated yesterday this game was a big one for the rest of the season for both teams. I think the Rebels made a statement that they are not ready to go away just yet, as they defeated the Bulldogs 85-73 at the Tad Pad tonight. Aside from the first few minutes, the Rebels had the lead for most of the game. It was the first game in which the Rebels had an answer for every run the opponent put on them. There were multiple times in this game where State cut deep into the lead before someone from Ole Miss answered with a big play.

The Rebels were led by their seniors tonight. Bam Doyne and Clarence Sanders scored 23 and 22 points. The announcers were very high on Sanders(they don't have to put up with him every game like the rest of us do). Todd Abernathy also had a very big game for the Rebs as he contributed 19 points and 10 assists. Dwayne Curtis also chipped in 14 points and eight boards for the Rebs.

I felt like this was probably the best all around game the Rebels have played this year. While we have played better for certain times throughout the year, this was the first complete game we have really played. Aside from the first 5 minutes when their were entirely too many turnovers, we played well. I felt like Mississippi State did not capitalize when they had the chance. Had they come out hot and capitalized on our turnovers, it could have been an entirely different game.

It still infuriates me how our big men miss some of the most simple baskets under the goal. We probably missed 10-12 points tonight on baskets under the goal that we could not capitalize on.

While this is an exciting win for the Rebels and has alot of the Rebel nation pumped, we can not get too carried away. In the SEC you have to win games like this one to stay alive. The season still has alot of games to go, and the Rebels are right in the middle of it. A win on Saturday at Auburn could really be a huge boost for the team. I am not saying it is a must win, but would makeup for some losses that slipped away earlier this year.

As Kennedy stated about the win, “It’s important and we’re happy about it, but it still counts as one win,”and added "There’s still a lot of basketball to be played and we can’t be satisfied.”

I'll be at Auburn if anyone would like to join me please give me a call.