Thursday, February 08, 2007


Yeah I was upset that Robert Elliot signed with State, but I got over it. But then when I read his comment it just ticks me off how stupid some people are and the thought process they have. It is a freakin NUMBER on your jersey. So if State had not been able to "give" him his number, and the Valley would have, I wander if we would have gone to Valley to "ROCK" his number.

I mean how stupid can one kid be. I would suggest even the State fans that read this will agree with me that it is stupid a kid signed with a school, just so he could "ROCK" a number on his chests. Some people amaze the hell out of me at how ridiculous their thought process is.

"At first I was going to go to Florida State or Ole Miss,” said Elliott. “It helped when Croom told me I could come in and wear No. 2. It was really where I could go and feel comfortable and rock my No. 2. I have been wearing it since peewee and that’s the only number I can rock. If I put something else on,it won’t look right on me. I figure you’ve got to look good to play good. I can’t wear those double digit numbers.”