Wednesday, February 14, 2007


That was the word to describe this game. With about 13 seconds on the clock and the Rebels down one, LSU throws the ball inbounds, pass, pass, pass, and out of nowhere Brian Smith steals the ball pushed it up the court, pass to Abernathy, to Sanders in the corner and Clay drains a long two pointer with .6 seconds left. It was one of the most amazing things that ever happened positive for the Ole Miss Rebels.

After Bam Doyne missed a three pointer to try and tie the game, with few seconds left, it looked like the Rebels were finished. However Kenny Williams puts the ball right back in for a dunk to pull the Rebels within one. Even at that point it seemed the Rebels would not win this game. I along with others had already written this one off, but I should have known better. This team does not quit, and tonight they once again refused to lose.

It was a day Glen Davis ruled the paint and drained 2 three point baskets. To top that LSU shot 61% from the field. I would like to know the last time a team went on the road and shot 61% and went on to lose the game. As I watched the post game press conference, Brady was mentally drained and very upset. He was very intense during the Q&A section. In my opinion Brady never gave Ole Miss credit. Not on playing hard, not on Clarence Sanders, not on Andy Kennedy, not one compliment on the Rebels. But then again, I did not expect much.

Overall the Rebels did not play well. In the post game, Kennedy was not even sure if half the players on the team deserved a passing grade. It was the second game in a row that the Rebels did not give an all around great effort as a team. But don't get me wrong this team once again fought back and played hard. Clarence Sanders is one heck of a guy. Lots of people doubted him at times, including myself, but this guy has really shown he is a prime time player in the last month. When no one was there to pick this team up, Sanders answered several times. And once again Brian Smith comes up with a huge still and makes a huge play to help win another game for the Rebels. The guy does not play much, but when he does, he gives it his all. Sanders ends the game with an awesome 29 points, far and away the most on the team. It was a not so good night for Curtis and Doyne who ended with 5 and 8 points each.

I can not remember another game like this that landed in Ole Miss's favor. There have been many a times when Ole Miss has been on losing side in a game like this. Sanders shot could be one of the biggest in Ole Miss history, maybe not the biggest, but one that could have a huge impact on a team that was not supposed to be performing the way they currently are.

This Ole Miss team sits alone at the top of the SEC West all by themselves. They move to 17-8 and 6-5 in the SEC. The Rebels have also won four straight. However if this team wants to continue to gain attention, they have to continue to improve their play from the last couple of games. The road does not get easy as they travel to the always tough Bud Walton Arena to take on Arkansas on Saturday. The game will be televised on Fox Sports and tip off is at 4:00.

I leave you with some quotes from Andy Kennedy:

“I don’t want to put a ceiling on what we can accomplish for the rest of the season, Kennedy said. “Our guys believe in themselves right now.”

(UPDATED) One other thing that I forgot to mention. At the point in the game with about 13 seconds left and the Rebels down one. You will not believe what the Ole Miss Sports Marketing Department was playing. Yes, it was that great Village People classic you all love to hate Y.M.C.A. Are you kidding me??? Out of all the songs they have in that computer and with a band in attendance, our genious staff comes out with YMCA. I have had enough of them. Those that regularly read this page know I can not stand those bafoons. They are a laughing stock of a department. They are paid to get the fans excited and all they can come up with is YMCA, with a team down one point struggling to keep their lead at the top of their division, and they play the Village People. Maybe I should not be posting this on a night that was one of the greatest plays in Ole Miss history, but I had to go ahead and let it out. They are absolutely pathetic.