Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tubs Staying at Auburn

(AL.Com)NEW YORK - Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville has agreed on a two-year contract extension and a $200,000 a-year raise and will sign a deal that will run through the 2013 season.
Tuberville said a deal had been reached after a meeting with Auburn Athletics Director Jay Jacobs late Friday afternoon.
``We're excited about it,'' Tuberville said. ``It's one of those things that we worked it slow. I know people have been anxious. I haven't been looking at any other job. I don't want any other job. I love Auburn. We want to be at Auburn a long time, as long as we can be there. Good things happen slow. We're excited about it.''
Tuberville said he agreed to the extension, the raise and a buyout. He also said the extension will assure his assistant coaches will have security, an issue he stressed the last several weeks.
``We made sure the coaches are comfortable, and they are,'' Tuberville said. ``They're excited about it.''
Tuberville, who is in New York for Tuesday night's National Football Foundation Hall of Fame banquet, will sign a contract worth $2.8 million next season. It will escalate to $3.8 million in 2013.