Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tigers Win Again

I don't have much to say about this game. The Rebels had plenty of opportunites to win this game and did not take advantage of thos opportunities. I was surprised in what I thought was a lack of emotion at the beginning of the game. Usually in a game like this Coach O has his team jacked up and the players always seem to very emotional starting the game. It took a couple of drives to see the team get fired up.

Many including myself were upset over the decision to pull Brent Schaeffer and put in Seth Adams, after Schaeffer had a orchestrated an 80 yard drive to the Tigers 4 yard line. Coach O and staff have backed up that decision saying Schaeffer was not getting the plays off and not paying attention to the clock. Granted they are correct with that statement, but I just will not agree with pulling him out for Adams who has done nothing for the Rebs in 6 games. Who would have ever thought the stadium would be chanting "Schaeffer, Schaffer" For those of you that have a short memory this is the second year in a row Coach O has pulled Schaeffer for Adams in controversial situations.

There is one game left in the season, the almighty "Egg Bowl". This is without a doubt the most unanticipated Egg Bowl I can remember for the Rebels. It should be interesting to see how it turns out. The game means very little for Ole Miss except for Pride. It means a heck of alot for State, who probably needs to win to go to a bowl game. It will probably be an all time low in attendance for Ole Miss fans.