Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Win is a Win

A shutout this weekend for the Ole Miss football team put the Rebs back in the win column, as they defeated Louisiana Tech 24-0. There is not too much to say about this football game. It was one of the more boring games I have ever witnessed at Vaught Hemingway. Louisiana Tech was very sub par and did not bring much to the table as far as talent goes.

The offense probably had its worst game of the season. Our rushing offense was terrible. We only had something like 6 yards at halftime, against a weak defense. Tech defended our rush better than any SEC team we have faced this year. The bright spot of the offense was probably the fact Dexter McCluster caught a touchdown from Seth Adams early in the game. It is the first time McCluster has seen the endzone in quite sometime in a Rebel uniform. Hopefully he will be worked more into the offense over the weeks to come.

The defense probably gained some confidence this week as the held a team to zero points. The first shut out the Rebels have had since the Egg Bowl in 2003. Our linebackers continue to have some problems and the d line appears to be getting better. As Peria Jerry gets more healthy so does the d line in my opinion. Now Greg Hardy appears to be banged up all over, the Rebs really need Hardy healthy to win games.

All I will say about the punting game is that we had two punts, one for 16 and another for 8 between two punters. Without a doubt the worst punting performance I have ever witnessed.

This week Bama rolls into town. They have been shaky the whole season and have been up and down. Saban is a great coach, but does not really have the best players there right now. If we are going to beat Bama with Saban as coach, now is probably the year to do it.