Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Polk Is Right

One of the very few things I will ever agree with Ron Polk is the argument against the NCAA about the new rules concerning NCAA baseball teams and scholarships. Polk is righ on in fighting the NCAA on this issue. I respect him for writing letter to every NCAA team to try and get a veto to override the new NCAA rules. Thank you Ron.

(Clarion Ledger)STARKVILLE — Thirty NCAA Division I schools have submitted votes requesting an override of a portion of the recent legislation affecting college baseball, the total necessary to force the Division I Board of Directors to review the rule, according to The NCAA News.
The override campaign has been championed by Mississippi State coach Ron Polk. A longtime critic of the NCAA, Polk mailed an 18-page letter to 1,421 influential people last month with the hope of educating them about the impact of the new rules.At the Board of Directors’ Nov. 1 meeting, the board can do one of three things: accept the override and rescind the legislation; take no additional action; or revise the proposal.The override centers on the minimum scholarship percentage requirement for baseball players. After an earlier override, the Board of Directors lowered the percentage from 33 percent to 25 percent, according to The NCAA News.