Monday, March 19, 2007

Season Over

The Ole Miss basketball season came to an end tonight as Clemson dominated the Rebels 89-68 on their home court. It was a sloppy game for the Rebels who hung with the Tigers for about 15 minutes, before they hit rock bottom. As an avid reader of the blog Adam C. put it "This game was as ugly as Eniel Polynice's hair."

Ole Miss was lead in scoring by Todd Abernathy with 18 points. Aside from that I am not sure if anyone else scored. Dwayne Curtis chipped in 15 points, but as Andy Kennedy put it "those points did not really matter, because they came at the wrong time" The two main scoring guards Bam Doyne and Clarence Sanders only combined for 18 points.

Bam Doyne picked up 3 fouls early in the game, which led to substitutions that killed the Rebels. Kennedy decided to go with Rodney Jones who struggled for most of the game. Kennedy said in post game, "I don't know if I had put Jones in since the Delta State game." Bam's stupidity cost us again in the second half when he picked up his fourth foul less than a minute into the second half. Inexcusable for a senior.

I will give credit where credit is due though. Clemson played well and turned up the tempo on the Rebs. Five of the Tigers scored in double digits and their defense was oustanding. The full court press has almost a version of the old "40 Minutes of Hell"

All in all it was probably the worst game I saw the Rebels play all year. It seemed like to me the Rebels gave up way to early. But I understand, stealing an analogy from the boss, the check engine light finally gave out and the engine just died. Kennedy got alot more out of this team than anyone ever could have.

I will do a wrap up of the season later this week, but this team has alot to build on. But are losing some players they are really going to miss. The coaching staff is already on the road recruiting as I type this to replace these players. I just hate the season ended in a game like tonight.

Overall though, I was very very pleased with the way the season went.