Thursday, August 18, 2005

Wednesday Scrimmage

The football team wrapped up two a days with a 70 play scrimmage in the Vaught on Wednesday. The team was in very high spirits and seemed to be coming together well. Spurlock looked good at QB and McKinley Boykin continues to dominate to defensive line. He put a hard lick on Pittman breaking his helmet in the process during the scrimmage. The kicking game continues to suffer. The offense was gelling well yesterday, overall the team had a good practice. At the end of practice Coach O called the team together and made the freshman do up-downs while the upperclassmen gathered around them. The upperclassmen proceeded to dump all the water jugs on the freshmen and then capped it off by soaking Coach O with water. The team spirits were high and they seem to be getting along well as we move into a new schedule of practices. The team returns to the practice fields at 3:00 today.

For the Worldclassglass faithful that were in attendance at practice with me, it appears Chris Bowers did not die, as he was brought back to life in the locker room.
(this is a joke for those that were not there)