Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I attended practice for the first time yesterday and man is it hot outside. I stayed out there for about 2 hours to see how practice was run and to see what the team was like. First of all the practice lasted three straight hours with non-stop moving. When I say non-stop I mean non-stop the players did not take a group break, however they were allowed water and resting time while others were filling in at their positions. This is a mean practice and is a big change from previous years. As for the talent we have our ups and our downs. The defense looks REAL good, linebackers and tackles are going to dominate. I think we still are missing one end to play along with Mitchell. As for the offense that is another story. I was a little dissapointed to see that our quarterbacks have not developed as I would like them to. But I also understand I was at only one practice and we have a while to go, I have confidence someone will turn up as a leader. The offensive line has a few nagging injuries and seem to keep diminishing as the days go. Traxler went down midway through practice with I think a neck injury, but not positive. Mico McSwain is being tested at running back and I personally like this move, he looked good at practice the few times they put him in there. The kicking game is AWFUL. I have seen better punts at a pee-wee game. We are really struggling in the punting market. Field goal and PAT are coming together with the competition of Matt Hinkle and Will Moseley. There is a scrimmage this afternoon at four.

The Good: Defense
The Bad: Not a true QB