Monday, July 11, 2005

Someone Explain This

As the summer news continues to be slow, I bring up another topic that I like to discuss.

How is it that the Univeristy of Mississippi is home to the National Center for Physical Acoustics, yet at any sporting event you attend, you can not hear the public address announcer. The speaker system at the University's athletic facilities are absolutely pathetic. Whether it is trying to hear Glen Waddle yell First Down.....Ole Miss or hearing some rap music over the speakers, it is almost imposible to hear in some parts of the stadium. This does not even include the Hotty Toddy that celebrities conduct. I do not think I have ever been able to hear one of these in my three years at Ole Miss.

Someone really needs to get it together and beef up the sound system. I do not care if some 75 year old fan that gives alot of money to the school complains because it hurts their ears, if this is the case they need to buy their own sky box or something.

It is my desire that when the 2005 football season starts, they will have this problem fixed.