Friday, July 01, 2005

Just Plain Mad

I am officially fed up with the Clarion Liar and their so called Ole Miss beat writer Michael Wallace. Today the Liar reported about the two arrests of Ole Miss athletes. Mark Wright arrested for a DUI and Wallace Bates for drug related charges. There are two possibilities to how this was reported.

1) There is some hot-headed cop down at Chief "the pig" Bramlett's police station who is leaking information to the press. This would not surprise me one bit for the OPD to be releasing information that would hurt the P.R. of Ole Miss students. These guys absolutely hate Ole Miss students and would arrest us all if given the opportunity.

2) Our so called writer, Wallace, is going down to the police station everyday and reading the rolls to see if anyone got arrested. If this is the case, we should all boycott the Liar and never read the paper again.

It is my true belief that we should not allow Wallace into press conferences and give him special interview requests that he submits. If he is going to continue to report arrests than we should not let him in. Someone in the athletic department needs to have a conversation with him and tell him it must stop. But of course the "Chickenwing" will never have this conversation with him.

Am I wrong believing the arrests of college students should not be reported in the state wide paper??