Monday, July 18, 2005

Excuse Me?????

The following rankings are currently on in an article written by Gregg Doyel. How can someone rank Oxford as one of the worst cities he has ever visited. I guess I am a little biased, but Oxford is always mentioned in various top-notch newspapers and magazines as a great place to visit. This guy grew up around Oxford and now lives in Cincinatti. I have yet to understand why we wrote this. When he was a kid in Oxford, evidently nobody picked him to be on their team, and that made him mad.

Worst cities
1.Teaneck, N.J.: Before my first Adidas ABCD Camp, I wasn't expecting much from Teaneck. Even with that, it was a letdown.
2.Los Angeles: Bad traffic, crime, awful air. Why would anyone choose to live here?
3.Detroit: From Cincinnati, Detroit is the longest five-hour drive of your life. And then the Palace, home of the Detroit Pistons, is another hour north. Did I mention the construction delays?
4.Greensboro, N.C.: Get me on a highway -- any highway -- and get me out of here.

5.Oxford, Miss.: When I was in eighth grade, someone built a Wal-Mart. That's where kids hung out -- at Wal-Mart. Enough said.