Sunday, February 03, 2008


The Rebels were defeated in a pathetic loss this weekend to South Carolina 80-77. TI do not have much to say about this game as I am still pretty ticked off about the loss. The Gamecocks came in and wanted this game more than the Rebels in my opinion. There were several players for the Rebels that did not step up and play there normal game and it showed.

A couple of things that stick out in my mind:
  • Dwayne Curtis followed up a sub par game with an excellent game contributing over 20 points
  • Zach Graham put up some valuable minutes for the Rebs and is quickly becoming a big contributor in the Rebels lineup
  • Saturdays game was not the first one where the Rebels needed a basket in the last seconds of the game and everyone freaked out from coaching staff to players. Hindsight is great, but Warren is known for taking the ball to the basket and laying it up or drawing a foul. Why he didn't do this I have no idea
  • I have never seen big men shoot the three like South Carolina did. Those big guys were draining threes all day. In the end it is what gave them the win.
  • The Rebels continue to struggle from the charity stripe and it continues to kill them when the final score comes around.

On a side note the crowd was pathetic in my opinion. I hate the fact Ole Miss will not support its basketball program. Someone give me one reason why we can not get 9,300 fans at a Saturday afternoon game in Oxford. I truly do not understand. The one thing I do understand is why the coaching staff is frustrated with "the culture of basketball" at Ole Miss.

All in all this one hurts and should never happen at home. It will be a loss that will truly come into play when the SEC west is decided and NCAA bids are given.