Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More Coach Talk

Couple of things were discussed today as fans speculated the makeup of Nutt's assistant coaching staff at Ole Miss.

Tony Hughes was rumored to be on the road recruiting for the Rebels. Hughes spent last season as the tight ends coach for Coach O. It was reported earlier that Nutt had told the Ole Miss staff there was a slim chance any would be retained. It looks like Hughes might be that slim chance that is retained. While nothing is official and probably will not be for a few days, Hughes appears to really want to be on this staff. His son, Jamison, was a freshman on the team last year, so it is understandable Hughes desire to remain on staff. Coach Hughes is very well connected in the Mississippi area and has been noted by several recruits as a major factor for staying committed to Ole Miss. I hope everything works out for Hughes and Nutt.

The name Clint Stoerner has surfaced as a possible quarterbacks coach for Nutt at Ole Miss. Stoener was a QB under Nutt at Arkansas and later played for the Cowboys for several years before being released. He has played for the past several years in various football league's around the country. Stoerner is a young guy and based on various articles I have researched, this will be his first coaching job.