Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Internet Down

My internet is down, so I am posting from a phone. A couple of headlines from today:

-Ole Miss loses 4-2 to Southern Miss tonight. From what I hear the Rebels just could not get the runs to the plate.

-Former Ole Miss womens basketball coach and hall of famer Van Chancellor has accepted the womens job at LSU. Chancellor recently retired from the WNBA. While he is definately qualified, Chancellor is a little old to be starting a new program. Find it a little odd he took this job. Shows he really loves women's basketball.

-MSU is searching for an opponent for it's 12th game next year. Jacksonville State who the dogs were supposed to play are backing out for various reasons. It seems a little late to me for them to going through this search. Somebody told me Troy State had an opening they were looking to fill also.