Thursday, February 22, 2007

You Gotta Love This Guy

Robbie Neiswanger of the Clarion Ledger is reporting on his blog that the Ole Miss basketball team did not practice this afternoon. Instead of practice Kennedy took his team to the Bowling Alley. He wanted to get them out of their normal routine and take their mind off of basketball before this week and a half stretch.

To steal a quote Neiswanger took from Kennedy, Andy said:

"I thought for us and this stage and where we are, it would allow us to just kind of relax a little bit before we have to get our focus back on the task at hand.”

Personally, I really like this and think this is great. Kennedy says he has done this in the past with other teams and sometimes it works, but sometimes it does not. For the Rebels, sake I hope it works for them.

My money is on Kenny Williams that he bowled the best for the Rebels.