Sunday, February 25, 2007

No Change at the Top

This weekend proved no change at the top of the SEC Western Division as all of the top three teams lost. Ole Miss has the opportunity to gain a game on Mississippi State and really separate itself from Alabama, but completely blew that opportunity. The Rebels were defeated by South Carolina 76-63 in Columbia on Saturday night. As predicted Tre Kelley dominated the game for the Gamecocks as he knocked in 28 points to lead USC.

For the Rebels Dwayne Curtis, Todd Abernathy, and Clarence Sanders each contributed 14 points. As has been about the whole month of February, Bam Doyne did not contribute much as he had 6 points for Ole Miss. Dwayne Curtis continues to miss incredibly easy shots under the goal. It amazes me how many opportunities he has under the basket and how many he can not put in. Kennedy surprised me with the play of Trey Hampton, who contributed 4 points in his fifteen minutes of playing time. This guy has rarely seen the floor all season.

Postgame it appeared Kennedy was pretty upset with the way his team played, as he should be. It was obvious they were not mentally prepared for this game and played flat the entire time, as they shot 37%. This team has all but played its way out of the NCAA tournament in my opinion. The Rebels would have to win out and win several in the SEC tourney to advance to the big dance now.

I was extremely disappointed Saturday night. Aside from Trey Kelley, South Carolina has very little talent, and the Rebels were dominated by them the whole game. At any rate they move on as they travel to Alabama on Wednesday night. The Tide are beatable but have alot of talents and are now playing to solidify their NCAA tournament birth. Tip-off is set for 7:00 and the game is not televised.