Sunday, December 10, 2006

As Predicted

Going into the game I figured the Tigers would win by 12 or 14. As it turns out that is how the game ended as the Rebels lost 82-70 to Number 16 University of Memphis. It was a game where the Rebels appeared at times they would be able to have a chance to win. At the end of the first half the Rebels went on a heck of a run and only trailed by three at half time.
That run did not return in the second half as the Rebels were not able to catch up with the Tigers who at one point led by 23.

Ole Miss was led by the play of Clarence Sanders and Todd Abernathy who scored 18 and 16 points respectively. The disappointment was Bam Doyne who only scored seven points, many of which came late in the second half. Doyne could not find the basket shooting a miserable 1-12 from the field. I was also a little upset about how many minutes Dwayne Curtis was allowed to play. It was clear from the getgo that Curtis was not in shape to play. He contributed 17 minutes and was held to two points.

There were a couple of things I was surprised about. One was the size of the crowd, while the Forum seats alot of people, there was no where near packed house. I was yet again let down by the amount of Ole Miss fans in attendance. Memphis has one of the largest Ole Miss fan bases, yet there were not that many Rebel fans in attendance. I find no excuse for this. My second surprise was the fact that Coach Cal was pretty reserved for most of the game. His normal "show" was held back and he actually coached this game.

The Rebels return to the court on Tuesday as they face Louisiana Monroe.