Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gators in National Championship

After the USC loss last night, I was afraid there was going to be another Big Ten rematch for the national championship. I was quite shocked when I read this afternoon that the voters had pushed Florida from number 4 to number 2 which moved them up in the BCS rankings. The last thing I wanted to watch was two Big Ten teams playing in the national championship game.

I am a fan of the bowl system and am not in favor of the playoff system. With that being said if they came up with a playoff system that truly works I will not argue against it. I just think the NCAA is so messed up in their leadership and regulation that there is not possible way they will ever come up with a true and fair playoff system.

I do believe there are sevearl flaws in the BCS system though. It definately does not play well for a team like Ole Miss and they more than likely could never be a national champion if it ever came to that(key word IF). If we are going to use the BCS system then we must require all the BCS conferences to have championship game. If we would require that it would eliminate some of the problems we had this weekend. I think it was wrong that we almost allowed a team that did not even win it's conference to play in the national championship.

Everoyne has there opinon on the system and these are just a few of my confusing thoughts.