Monday, March 09, 2009

The Infamous 12th Game

Georgia Tech? No
Army? No
Idaho? No

This is only a very small list of schools that have been thrown around for the 12th football game next year. Oh yeah that is correct Ole Miss does not have a full football schedule next year and the season is six months away. It is absolutely ridiculous and in my opinion someone should be fired. Yes I know it is extremely difficult to get a team to play a home game in Oxford next year for the amount we want to pay, but UMAA should make sacrifices. I can only imagine what our negotiations are like with this schools. How do TCU and Clemson work out a deal so fast? Now how does Idaho work out a deal with someone the way they did? Yet our people can't figure it out.

Now it looks like the Rebs are going to have to schedule a D II school next year because we have exhausted all options in scheduling.

If someone dropped the ball like this or couldn't negotiate in the business world they would be fired. Why does this not happen in intercollegiate athletics? Its inexcusable and I can imagine it is just another case of Ole Miss being cheap. What a joke UMAA is.