Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What is APR??

I have no clue how the formula works, and I am not sure there are too many people that do, but it appears the Rebels are good to go and will not lose any scholarships this year unlike several other schools around the country. I have tried to understand how the system works but I can not understand the formula and where they come up with the rankings.

Below is a piece from the Clarion Ledger blog on the Rebels and their rankings. I understand how the Rebels basketball team is so low, because it seems like every year there are a couple of players that leave the program and the same goes with the Bulldog$. At any rate here is the info if anyone cares:

(C-L)The Academic Progress Rate numbers have been released and Ole Miss will not face penalties in any sport. The lowest results were in men's basketball (917) and men's indoor (908) and outdoor track (915). Schools are supposed to receive penalties for marks of 925 or below, but can avoid them by having some mitigating circumstances (which these three Ole Miss sports obviously had). The goal of APR is to keep athletes academically eligible and in school.