Monday, May 19, 2008

Well We Made It

Well the Rebels snuck into the tournament with the eight seed as they inched out a win in the eleventh inning at Lexington on Saturday. The Rebs will take on the #1 Georgia Bulldogs. Some fans were expressing their opinions that they would rather play LSU, however I have to disagree. LSU is the hottest team in the nation right now. Even though we won the series against them I still like my chances more against Georgia who is banged up a little bit and lost two against Alabama last weekend.

What will the outcome be of this tournament? I have no clue. Thi sis probably the most balanced field the SEC has seen in quite sometime. While there are obviously some teams that are hotter than others I think the talent is pretty equal across the board. As in all sports, the postseason is a new season. You never know when a team might get hot and make a run in the post season. While I feel like the Rebels are in the NCAA Tournament some will disagree, however one win in Hoover will probably just about wrap it up for an NCAA bid.

I'll see you all in Hoover.