Thursday, May 17, 2007


Well the Rebels finally won a one run game in which they had the lead going into the last inning, as Ole Miss defeated Arkansas tonight 5-4. It was a very good game, one that would make any fan nervous. Will Kline and Nick Schmidt both pitched good games. But it was Kline's 13 strikeouts that played a huge factor in the win for the Rebels.

It was an up and down game for both teams. The inning that gave the Rebels the boost was the 5th in which both Cody Overbeck and Logan Powered homered. This definitely provided a spark for the team that could not connect for the first four innings.

I have to admit, I was not convinced we could pull this one out, especially in the ninth when Satterwhite had two runners with only one out. Satterwhite was another player that played a big role in continuing the dominance that Kline had on the mound.

As I stated, Arkansas is a very good team and this was an excellent game. If we have two more games like this one, I will probably rip my hair out. With this win, it locks up a spot in the SEC Tournament. If it was played today the Rebs and Dogs would meet in the five/four matchup. But that will more than likely change over the next two days.

In the post game interview, Bianco was still unsure who would pitch tomorrow. As I discussed with several fans after the game, I feel like the Rebels should go with Lance Lynn. This would give Lance plenty of recovery time for the SEC Tourney, which will be a short week to prepare for. This will also allow the Rebels to pitch their better pitcher in a game in which they could win the series in. As we went into the series, I said we would make a decision after tonight on who to pitch on Friday. I have made mine. Anyone agree or disagree.

Should be another good one tomorrow night.