Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Favorite Egg Bowl Moment of the Past

I would like everyone to post their favorite Egg Bowl moment of the past. There have been many Egg Bowls over the years that you have all witnessed and surely you have a memorable moment. Just in my lifetime there have been some good ones, some that I will leave out and need you to fill in. There was Ole Miss putting Sleepy Robinson to sleep. The Immaculate Deflection. The pregame fight in 1997. Jackie's last game. The game MSU game back in the late 1990's to shock the Rebels. And then the two point conversion from Patridge to Peterson.

To be honest I have not been to many Egg Bowls in my lifetime. I never made the trip to Jackson as a kid and I had never stepped foot in Davis Wade until my Sophomore year in college.

One of my first Egg Bowls was in junior high in 1996. My dad and I had gone to Ole Miss to watch former Pillow Academy QB Stewart Patridge play in one of his first games. Patridge had just taken over the job from Paul Head at the Georgia game. It was before the new expansion to Vaught Hemingway Stadium. They had already started alot of the construction, but we sat on the top row of the old stadium. Which is now about halfway up on the east side.

Some of you may be thinking, the Rebels lost this game so why is it that memorable to me. Well the reason is Patridge got rocked the entire game. He kept getting sacked in the backfield and had very few completions. The fans and particularly the ones around us were booing Patridge and calling him all sorts of names. It was many of those in attendance first time to see him play ever. I had watched Stewart play for the past 5-6 years so I knew he was better than what was taking place on the field.

Patridge would start the entire season the next year and prove all those that were at the 96 Egg Bowl that booed him they were wrong. He led the Rebels to their first bowl in a long time to the Motor City Bowl and orchestrated one of the best Egg Bowls ever in 97. He even broke some of Archie's records and held them from several years until Eli came along.

We all have memories of Egg Bowls like the one I mentioned. I would be interested in hearing everyone's most memorable game, even those of you that are A&M fans.